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Mind Power Medical Science
Taiji Five Element Self Recovery Program

Mind Power Medical Science
Taiji Five Element Self Recovery Program

Taiji Five-Element Self-Recovery System

The TFSRS is a comprehensive self-healing system developed by Master Binhui He based on his years of clinical experience with thousands of patients. These patients suffered from various chronic conditions and serious diseases. TFSRS was designed in response to the fact that modern medicine has failed to provide a real cure to many chronic diseases and that most of the drugs used to treat these diseases have lasting side effects. This system has organized the essence of traditional Chinese Daoist philosophy, medical qigong practice and a drug-free healthy-living lifestyle into the following major components:

  • A yin-yang philosophy of disease and health.
  • Taiji Five-Element Medical Qigong forms.
  • Broad applications of intention/mind healing.
  • Pigu (energetic fasting) and periodic fasting.
  • Strong qi and group qi adjustment.
  • Adjustment of attitudes, lifestyle, behaviors, and diet by listening to your own body.

TFSRS was not designed for a specific disease but it is very effective in aiding in the recovery of many chronic conditions, such as hypertension, diabetes, allergy, asthma, arthritis, cancer, chronic pain and others. It works by increasing your self-healing capabilities, including the immune functions, self-recovery and self-regeneration capability of your body.

It is an effective tool for both cure and prevention.