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Mind Power Medical Science
Taiji Five Element Self Recovery Program

Mind Power Medical Science
Taiji Five Element Self Recovery Program

Taiji Five-Element Medical Qigong

Taiji Five-Element Medical Qigong is a qigong system developed to rapidly reveal your self-healing potential, to boost your immune function and to increase internal healing capacity for many chronic diseases. It is one of the major components of the Taiji Five-Element Self Recovery System.

As one of the major medical qigong systems in China, TFMQ is based on the Daoist philosophy of self-cultivation and the assumption that there are meridians circulating qi energy throughout the entire body. TFMQ applies the five-element theory of TCM to systematically absorb the universal qi energy and to rapidly uncover and strengthen self-healing capabilities. It is simple and easy to learn, yet powerful and effective for helping to relieve symptoms, improve recovery, and gain general health resilience. Three factors contribute to its high efficacy: a drug-free approach to avoid the side effects of pharmaceuticals; use of innate self-healing power; the following of TCM philosophies and a healthy lifestyle.

Above all, TFMQ is a true healing system that uses one formula for various health conditions by working on improving the immune system, the self-recovery and the self-regeneration capabilities. This qigong works directly on the root source of the many health problems instead of just the symptoms of these illnesses.

TFMQ is suitable for people of any age group and any physical condition as long as they are able to follow the instructions in the practice. The system includes following forms:
One-Step Classic Meditation
  • This is the core of TFMQ, designed for relaxation, the gathering of energy from the universe, the restoration to order of the internal five elements, the cleansing of the whole body, and the achievement of a state of tranquility.
  • It can be practiced any time of the day and repeated as many times as you like.
Standing Meditation for Magnification
  • This is a form of standing meditation that supplements the One-Step Classic form.
  • It helps to activate qi and restores our congenital vitality.
  • It is best to practice it in the morning to energize our day, and/or after sunset to replenish ourselves at day end.
Meditation for Purification
  • This is an intensive detoxification process for those with serious illnesses.
  • It is best to practice this form with the One-Step Classic Meditation (1) above.
  • This can be practiced at any time of the day, but not more than once a day.